Different faith backgrounds are proving no barrier to connection and understanding for the young adults and leaders participating in Faith Matters Week in Adelaide.

Hosted by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the interfaith initiative is designed to increase understanding and respect between religious groups, and to bring young people together to give community service.

“We need to do have more opportunities like this!” said Latter-day Saint Lucas Thornton, following a hosted visit to the Gurdwara Sarbat Khalsa (Sikh temple) and faith-sharing with peers of other religious backgrounds who joined in last Saturday’s interfaith event.


Lucas Thornton, 6th from left, and Holly Roberts, 3rd from left, and other Faith Matters Week participants visiting a Sikh temple 

Catholic Holly Roberts agreed: “It would be great to have these activities two or three times a year.”

Caroline and Pam Singh

Pam Singh, pictured (right) with Caroline McIlwaine of LDS Adelaide Public affairs, hosted an interfaith group at the Gurdwara Sarbat Khalsa (Sikh Temple)


Rabbi Kaminsky, 2nd left at back, hosted an interfaith group at the Beit Shalom Synagogue

Lucas and Holly were among 32 youth who visited one of five different houses of worship – a mosque, Sikh temple, Catholic cathedral, Anglican church and Jewish synagogue – as part of the week-long interfaith initiative.

Tomorrow (26 August), about 100 young adults will work together to give service in the community by assembling street packs and home starter packs for the homelessness charity, RuFus. The youth have steered a donation drive ahead of the service project afternoon with various church communities contributing goods along with local hardware business, Bunnings.

Dignitaries and community leaders have been invited to attend tomorrow’s event, at which it is expected that more than 200 street packs and home starters packs will be handed over to RuFus.

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