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Missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Adelaide put their gospel beliefs into action in a much-needed way on Boxing Day as they cooked bbq lunches, painted walls and cleaned off graffiti via a service project supporting the city’s Hutt Street Centre.

The centre provides hot meals and assistance each day to hundreds of homeless and disadvantaged people.  With some of the regular volunteers away over the Christmas break, the Australia Adelaide Mission was happy to send out 70 of its missionaries to fill the gap and lend a hand.

“It was a tremendous opportunity to be able to assist the Hutt Street Centre in this service activity,” said President Jeffrey Parker of the Australia Adelaide Mission.

“Helping others in time of need is a very important part of missionary work.  Those we served were an absolute joy to come to know. In addition, we were able to work with Ian Cox, the CEO, as well as others who were absolutely fabulous in every way.

“We regularly seek out similar activities for our missionaries. On Christmas Day our missionaries had a day of Church worship, a nice meal, and then had an opportunity to Skype their families at home. While many people extend Christmas with Boxing Day leisure time, we wanted our missionaries to be out working, serving, and making a difference wherever they were needed.

“Everyone worked hard and thoroughly enjoyed it!  All benefited in the process of the service – the Centre and its surrounds were spruced-up and those in need knew we cared about them and appreciated the opportunity to serve them.  Our missionaries had the privilege to lose themselves, as Christ taught, in the service of others.”

A return crew of missionary volunteers is now gearing up to paint the Centre’s ceilings.

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