It was an historic day on Sunday 19 March as the new Adelaide City Branch of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints held its first Sunday meetings with 120 people in attendance.

Created within the Firle Stake primarily to support young Chinese Latter-day Saints but also serving as the church meetinghouse for any members living in the CBD area, the LDS branch is the first of its kind in South Australia.

Elder Andrew O’Riordan of the Seventy, who presided at the meetings, spoke of the impact the faith of the recent Chinese converts would have on others especially their future families. “How powerful it is when you join the church. You become a pioneer in your family.”

That pioneering spirit and positive impact on others is already taking place with some of the young people, who joined the Church between one and three years ago, called to serve in leadership positions. Mark Ruan is second counsellor in the Branch Presidency, Shawn Ye is the Elders Quorum President, and Summer Liu will serve as the Relief Society President.

New leadership, L-R: Firle stake president Rainer Korte with Adelaide city branch counsellor John Addis, branch president Shaun Scott, counsellor Mark Ruan and Eldr And5rew O'Riordan of the Seventy.

New leadership, L-R: Firle Stake President Rainer Korte with Adelaide City Branch counsellor John Addis, Branch President Shaun Scott, counsellor Mark Ruan and Elder Andrew O’Riordan of the Seventy.

Branch President Shaun Scott – who served a mission to Taiwan and is fluent in Mandarin – spoke of the enthusiasm Chinese young single adults have for the Church and gospel. “It was great to see so many of our Chinese brothers and sisters in attendance. The spirit was strong in all meetings, and the members truly caught the vision of what can be achieved in the Adelaide City Branch moving forward.”

Other Branch leaders include John Addis, first counsellor in the Branch Presidency, Jan Addis first counsellor in the Relief Society, Lincoln Mutton Branch mission leader, and Karl Ho Branch clerk.

Mandarin Sunday School classes got underway at the city branch on 19 March

       Mandarin Sunday School classes underway at the city branch on 19 March

In their remarks to the congregation during the first service, President Scott emphasised that as brothers and sisters in the gospel they were a church family, while President Korte taught the importance of extending a welcome and acceptance to all. A spirit of inviting was evident on the day with about 24 visitors joining the congregation for Sacrament and the Mandarin Sunday School and other classes that followed.

Elder O’Riordan said the day was historic and spirit-filled.  “It was wonderful to see the many new members and investigators being shepherded by the full-time missionaries and Branch members. There was a sweet spirit of unity and fellowship amongst the Branch members strongly supported by President and Sister Scott and the other mature members who were there. This is a fine example of hastening the work in Adelaide.”

The Adelaide City Branch is located at Level 7, 195 North Terrace and its Sunday worship meetings commence at 10am.  All welcome.

Top photograph, front row, left to right: RS President Summer Liu; Sister and President Parker of the Australia Adelaide Mission; Elder O’Riordan of the Seventy; Firle Stake President Rainer Korte; President Shaun Scott; Mark Ruan; President Casper Yeow; Shawn Ye; Karl Ho and Lincoln Mutton